Nestled in the heart of Downtown Fargo at 122 ½ Broadway, the former bank is now a vibrant space for coworking and events. It’s home to entrepreneurs, risk-takers, creatives, professionals, learners, nonprofits and others across industries seeking a unique and inspiring work environment. We have been serving businesses, organizations and individuals who are seeking flexibility, affordability, and increased productivity since 2015.

The former century-old bank is now a vibrant space for coworking and events, pumped with gigabit internet and stocked with free coffee and a full kitchen to boot. But it’s also more than a place. Step inside “the Den” and you’ll see some members working hard at individual desks, while others chat together, scribbling ideas on the whiteboard walls. These folks are everyone from entrepreneurs to developers to artists to accountants. This is the place for all these people to come together.

It’s more than a place – it’s a home.

Prairie Den

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